Uber IPO Could Spark Wave of Sex Assault Disclosures

By Sasha Gonzales                                                                   sgonzales@bronxjusticenews.com

Uber’s IPO filing Thursday included a promise to publicly release data about alleged sexual assaults committed by Uber drivers — disclosures that could reveal the scope of driver misconduct incidents in the five boroughs.

“In 2019, we plan to release a transparency report, which will provide the public with data related to reports of sexual assaults and other safety incidents claimed to have occurred on our platform in the United States,” Uber said in the filing.

The ride-hailing company has in the past come under criticism for allegedly fostering a culture in which sexual harassment and discrimination thrived — and for trying to downplay sexual misconduct by some of its independently contracted drivers.

Several alleged sexual assaults involving Bronx Uber drivers and passengers have been reported in recent years. Citywide, the borough has one of the highest concentrations of residents who are Uber drivers, data shows.

Uber said in its filing that rehabilitating the company’s image will require a change to its corporate culture.

“While we have taken significant steps to rehabilitate our brand and reputation, the successful rehabilitation of our brand will depend largely on maintaining a good reputation, minimizing the number of safety incidents, improving our culture and workplace practices, improving our compliance programs, maintaining a high quality of service and ethical behavior, and continuing our marketing and public relations efforts.”

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