Our Mission

Bronx Justice News is an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit news organization committed to filling the unmet information needs of New York’s most underserved borough. The only outlet exclusively dedicated to Bronx criminal justice and public interest issues, we provide in-depth news and watchdog coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re also the only outlet with a full-time reporter covering Bronx courts, one of the busiest, most controversial judicial systems in America.

Our staffers live and work in the Bronx. And we want to tell the stories that matter most to you, our neighbors. To that end, we encourage readers to send story ideas, news tips, article submissions, opinions about justice-related issues, and anything else you’d like to share to [email protected].

The need for hard-hitting, high-quality criminal justice and public interest news in our borough is immense. For decades, traditional media has neglected coverage of issues vital to Bronx residents. The reason: Among New York’s five boroughs, ours is the most impoverished. The south Bronx is America’s poorest congressional district, and the borough as a whole home to the city’s largest combined Hispanic and African American population. Many media executives have used these facts to conclude that the Bronx is expendable—that there are more readers, profits, and clicks to be had in other boroughs.

We’re here to change that.

Bronx Justice News strives to bring you impactful, richly reported stories you won’t find anywhere else. We endeavor not just to break news, but to provide coverage so compelling, mainstream news organizations will have to shift more resources to the Bronx just to keep pace. Each day, we’ll work tirelessly to shine a light on injustice, inequality, and inefficiencies in the system. And we’ll hold institutions accountable.

At the same time, we’ll chronicle the violence exacting a terrible toll on our communities, providing real-time coverage of breaking news. Follow us at @bxjusticenews on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for our latest updates.

This is a time of transformation in America’s justice system. Prisons, police agencies, prosecutors, courts, and criminals are all grappling with new technologies and laws, as well as shifting views on crime and punishment. From police shootings and gang violence, to mass surveillance and the opioid epidemic, criminal justice issues are having an outsized impact on the Bronx—a borough that’s suffered from decades of overpolicing and mass incarceration. That’s why we’ll be here around the clock, working the local angles, fighting to keep you informed.

Our promise to readers: No outlet will dig as deeply to bring you the truth, hold power to account, and chronicle the human impact of government policies on the Bronx.


The Editorial Team