NYPD Crackdown in Bronx was Human Rights Violation, Says International Watchdog

September 30, 2020 Eric Klein 0

“The New York City police blocked people from leaving before the curfew and then used the curfew as an excuse to beat, abuse, and arrest people who were protesting peacefully,” said Ida Sawyer, co-author of the Human Rights Watch report. “It was a planned operation with no justification that could cost New York taxpayers millions of dollars.”

Stringer: Slash NYPD Funding and Responsibilities

June 4, 2020 Eric Klein 0

The Comptroller and mayoral contender called Thursday for the city to slash $1.1 billion in NYPD funding over the next four years, shifting responsibilities away from the police— and boosting investments in communities impacted by police violence and racism.