Letter to the Editor: Seabrook’s COVID Concern a “Sorry Excuse” for Avoiding Prison

By Celestino P. Monclova
After finding out that Norman Seabrook’s attorney has filed a new motion arguing that the COVID 19 pandemic may be fatal for his client who is allegedly suffering from COPD, I find to be nothing more than another fruitless tactic in attempts to either delay or pardon him from his unpaid debt that he owes society; because of how he selfishly betrayed the thousands of New York City Correction Officers who go to work everyday and are locked behind bars with the inmate population they are mandated to watch, regardless of their health and vulnerabilities of contracting the same virus.
According to a few of the people who are closest to him, Norman Seabrook continues to spend his time in moderately crowded public areas, socializing with his friends and acquaintances, smoking cigars and cigarettes and drinking alcoholic beverages.
Therefore, if anything, if Norman Seabrook were to commence his time on the scheduled date he was given, I am sure it would be far more of a help than a hinderance to his alleged condition.
Even now with this pandemic that has also infiltrated our city’s jails and has even claimed the lives of some of its uniformed staff, thousands of uniformed staffers of all ranks go to work everyday, knowing that they are exposing themselves to this deadly virus by doing so. So I sincerely hope, on behalf of every single Correction employee (uniformed and staff) going to work…that the court does not accept Norman Seabrook’s sorry excuse for prolonging payment of his debt to society.
This letter has been edited for lengthy and clarity.

The author is a former correction officer and 2012 COBA presidential candidate.

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