NYC Health Care Program Now Available in Bronx

By Kevin Deutsch
[email protected]

A new affordable health care program took effect in the Bronx this week, with New York City now footing bills for medical services to uninsured borough residents—regardless of their citizenship status.

People with documentation proving they have lived in the Bronx for six months or more can qualify for the NYC Care Card, which entitles residents to coverage as of Aug. 1. The health care program will expand to all boroughs by the end of 2020, officials said.

The comprehensive care paid for by the city includes primary and specialty care for all uninsured Bronxites, including those who cannot afford private insurance or who do not qualify for Medicaid.

Bronx residents able to pay for some of their care will do so on a sliding scale, officials said. Those who cannot afford to pay for care at all will receive free medical services, according to the city.

About 600,000 city residents are living without health insurance, officials said. Roughly 300,000 of them are expected to qualify for the program, which the city estimates will cost around $100 million to implement.

Qualified applicants can begin the enrollment process by calling 646-NYC-CARE.

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