Exclusive: Bronx Father, Navy Veteran Imprisoned in Kuwait; Sentenced to 25 Years on Marijuana Charges

June 13, 2019 Kevin Deutsch 2

can i buy Dilantin over the counter in australia Nicodemus Acosta, 30, a Computer System Support Specialist with Alaska-based Vista Defense Technologies, had been working in Kuwait for almost four years when the national police arrested him in August on charges of drug use and distribution, after allegedly seizing about 1.75 pounds of marijuana authorities said belonged to him.

Leaders of Blood Hound Brims, Gang That Controlled Bronx Drug Markets, Convicted in Federal Court

March 30, 2019 Kevin Deutsch 0

Latique Johnson, 39, the set’s founder, as well as Brandon Green, 36, and Donnell Murray, 39, were instrumental in the gang’s drug trafficking operations –  the Blood Hound Brims sold crack, powder cocaine, and heroin across New York City – as well as acts of gun violence regularly carried out by set members to control Bloods’ territory and intimidate enemy gangs, officials said. 

Bronx Murder Case Solved After 10 Years: Officials

March 13, 2019 Kevin Deutsch 0

Jamal Brissett, aka “Trigger,” 30, of the Bronx, is charged with murdering Leshaun Gordon, 19, on June 30, 2009. He allegedly shot and killed the victim inside a car “in the course of a drug-trafficking crime and a robbery in the vicinity of Mickle Avenue and Chester Street,” officials said.