Fire Set Outside Bronx Mosque Same Day as Kosher Market Attack

By Sasha Gonzales
[email protected]

Police are investigating a fire purposely set by a man outside a Parkchester mosque on the same day as the anti-semitic mass shooting in Jersey City, authorities said.

Worshipers at the Bangla Bazar Jame Masjid mosque on Odell Street had just finished morning prayers Tuesday when, surveillance footage shows, a man used a lighter to set trash on fire inside a garbage can outside the mosque, police said.

He is then seen dragging the can up against the mosque porch, in an apparent effort to ignite the structure.

A worshiper spotted the flames and extinguished the fire before it spread.

No arrests had been announced as of Friday.

The fire was set the same day as the anti-Semitic mass shooting at a Jersey City Kosher supermarket, which left six people dead.

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